"Our son was really reluctant to attend the first session of cotillion, so we were thrilled to have him be so excited when he got home. Now he can't wait for next Thursday night."

"How nice to see that there is still an organization that encourages manners and politeness."

"Your program is truly amazing. Thank you for all that you do to help us with our children. Our son came home last night holding the grand prize ribbon for 5th grade, and was just about to burst he was so excited. My husband and I were just, to say the least, SHOCKED! He absolutely loves it!"

"My husband and I are huge supporters of the Austin Cotillion! Our daughter delighted in putting her outfits together, joining her friends from different schools and of course learning the steps and dancing. She positively glowed every Thursday night."

"This is a great program. I love the manners the kids are hearing from someone else besides their mothers!"
"Our whole family loved Cotillion! We'll be back next year for sure."


"My son had a blast! He surprised himself with how much fun it would be. He was dressed and ready to go every Sunday long before it was time to leave. Thank you for a fantastic experience, yet again."

"Thank you for your dedication and time you provide to the Cotillion students. Even though my son was an older attendee he found the sessions very valuable and looked forward to coming every week. Thank you for providing a very positive, relaxing and fun environment to the Cotillion students."

"My son adored it! Thank you so much for the enthusiasm and dedication you show towards the classes!"

"I am so glad my daughter and so many of her sixth grade friends participated in Cotillion. They learned a lot and had fun. My younger son will certainly be attending down the road!"

"Our daughter truly enjoyed every single evening of Cotillion. We are grateful that you have offered this wonderful experience to our daughter!"

"My daughter loved her experience again this year. She plans on doing it again in the fall."

Lake Highlands

"My daughter had a wonderful experience attending Cotillion. She enjoyed dressing up and meeting new people who are the same age that she will attend school with next year."

"The kids truly enjoyed Cotillion. The whole experience is something they will talk about long after Cotillion is over."

"We had a great time at the End of Season Party watching the students demonstrate the courtesies and dances they had learned. I especailly enjoyed dancing with my son. We had such fun together! Thank you for everything."


"My daughter was reluctant to attend, as she knew no one in the class. She ended up enjoying the class and having a lot more fun than she thought she would. She is looking forward to returning in the fall."

"The dinner etiquette taught my son some information he did not know, as well as re-enforced rules he had already learned at home. During the dinner, he was able to incorporate his new manners along with those he already knew."

"My daughter learned a lot by going to cotillion. The most important is how to greet someone. She now knows how to shake hands, make eye contact and introduce herself to someone with confidence!"

"After going through and learning the dinner etiquette, my daughter now feels more confident in eating out at a restaurant."


"This was my daughters fourth year to participate and she loved every minute!"
"My daughter can hardly wait for next year's Cotillion."

"As a parent I "loved it" because it gave my daughter the opportunity to meet new friends and get outside of her "comfort zone". She learned from other adults (vs Mom and Dad) the importance of "good manners" and was able to practice those new skills each week. And, last but  not least, she was given the chance to talk with boys, face to face, instead of texting. (halelujah!)

"My son was hesitant about attending cotillion however after the first class, that was no longer an issue. He was anxious to go each week."

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